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Black, Red and Purrrrrr

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring.

What do you wear when you know you’ll have to don your animal print rainboots? 


Why, red skinny jeans and a black top, of course!


Shirt: Forever 21 (old); Pants: Joe Fresh (old); Boots: Wal-Mart (old)

I’ve pinned this color combination enough times to know that it works. Thanks Pinterest!

I personally like both color and texture in my closet. I was wandering around the store having to use up a store credit on the spot when I noticed this lonely sweater. Either someone had left it on the wrong rack or it really was the last in stock. Either way, it played out like this in the changing room: Hmmm, the sleeves are a bit short… I could push them up and make it a 3/4… I’ve never worn something like this… could be interesting… (try on other clothes. try this sweater on again) Ok. I think I’ll take it seeing as it’s only $10… My chance paid off because I now love love love it. It takes the ordinary and makes it a fun and interesting top.


What do you do when the clouds break and the sun comes through half way through the day?

Why, you switch your animal print rainboots for your animal print flats, of course.


Did you notice my polish? I used Essie’s No Place Like Chrome (I know I’m late to the party on this color!)



It’s off to the orchard we go!

Yesterday I got the awesome opportunity to join my 3 year old and her daycare class on their annual apple picking field trip. It was Gabi’s first time on a school bus (and my first time on one as a mommy!). For those in the Montreal area, we went to Verger Labonte and it is a wonderful orchard (apple picking, three corn mazes, a small restaurant and food boutique, farm animals and a pretty good playground for younger kids).


Knowing well that orchards can get pretty muddy, Gabi and wore our rainboots. Gabi has about 4 pairs of rainboots, all hand me downs. Lucky girl!

I bought these animal print boots last year when I decided that my old, very colorful ones were not representing my current style as well. I found them at (whisper) Wal-Mart and thought the price was great! The cut and pattern are very cute and can be dressed up (read between the lines: fashionable!). The best part is… they are really very comfortable!

IMG_8812 IMG_8811

Jacket: Gap (old); Scarf: Old Navy (old); Jeans: Rich and Skinny (eBay);                   Boots: Wal-Mart (old)

Have you gone apple picking yet? Two questions to those who have… What did you wear? and, What did you make with all the apples? We’re planning on making apple sauce and apple pie!


Happy fall!

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