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The Underdog

I look at this shoe and I say to myself “why did I buy you again?”


Steve Madden via

Here may be a few contributing factors:

  • I bought them on-line
  • They were quite inexpensive
  • They looked easy to put on and off
  • They were/are trendy
  • I needed more flats

Overall, these shoes don’t excite me. They’re a bit floppy for my liking. They don’t seem to help me express the mood I’m in either. Oh well. That’s why I’m calling them the underdog of my collection. The pair that I only put on when I don’t seem to care what I put on my feet. They’re also the underdog because I seem to wear them more often that the pairs that do excite me and allow me to express different sides of myself.

Go figure!


Blazer: Jennifer Lopez via Kohl’s (old); Tank: Old Navy (old); Jeans: Rich and Skinny via eBay

Steph, why is the area below your knees wearing out? Are you a plumber? Are you a floor-washer aficionada?

Why no, I’m neither of those things. You see, I bought these jeans on eBay and so they were already worn in. But truthfully I started noticing it becoming lighter and lighter the more I wore them. I loved these jeans so much. They were, and still are, my favorite pair. So I wore them often, Maybe daily for a while. I chalk it up to getting down on the floor and playing with my then 1 and 2 year old daughters. I promise you that’s why. Please believe me.

Overall, I feel polished in this outfit. I like the loose jacket with massive pockets – in which I can easily put my phone, keys and other diddies. I like the straight legged jeans to counter-balance the proportions. And the gold chain, which coincidentally was purchased not long ago on-line, helped fill the space near my collarbone nicely.

When I left the house on this blistering windy fall day, I wore my basic black trench and a black and white scarf. All cozy!


Trench: Will Smith via Marshall’s (old); Scarf: H&M (old)

Do you own a shoe that is blah? How often do you wear yours?



My Introduction to Chicago’s Shopping Scene and Yes, My 2 year old Dresses Me

Ross and my love story began in Montreal during the summer of 2005. He was in Montreal as a short-term transfer from his Chicago-based job. My brother introduced us and by the end of that night, I was smitten. It wasn’t long before we were talking about our future and it was decided that we would move to Chicago together after my school year ended (I was an elementary school teacher). And so my love story with Chicago began July 1st, 2006.

After a 4-month stint in Lincoln Square, Ross and I bought a condo in the neighbourhood of Logan Square. When we moved there I immediately went exploring by foot (my favourite way to discover a new city). It didn’t take me long to walk down Milwaukee ave until I found Bucktown. More specifically, the store called Akira. (There are also locations in Lincoln Park and the Loop). They are a Chicago-based boutique that has an on-line website. A girl in a new city with no friends??? Well, she finds out quickly where to shop for shoes, right?!

Akira, for me, was that store that offered your basic shoes with a twist. I ‘met’ designers I had never heard of. I tried shoes on that I had never considered before. Akira helped me grow my collection, and to them, I am in debt. Hahaha, I just got this pun!

In the summer of 2007, I picked up this cutie: a nautical inspired Steve Madden heel. They seemed whimsical and classic at the same time. A shoe I could easily pair with a summer dress. The stripes and polka dots kept the classic shape youthful.


I’m going to tell you secret… yesterday was the first time I wore them! Although I’m not surprised by this, I am quite disappointed I didn’t wear them this past summer! The nautical theme was huge. But alas, I didn’t.

Wanna know why I finally wore them? Because my 2 year old told me to!

Emma is obsessed with polka-dots. She wakes up thinking about polka-dots and goes to sleep talking about polka-dots. It’s no surprise that whenever I say I’m going to get dressed, she follows me in trying to convince me that I should wear my polka-dots (I had no idea I had so many items with polka-dots before she pointed them out!)


Yesterday morning I decided to choose my shoes first, then create the outfit. Guess which pair Emma went for? That’s right, the (only) shoes with polka-dots on them (I promise). I chose to wear them with my Rich and Skinny jeans (eBay) paired with a red and white, wide striped shirt (forever 21).


Where did these heels take me? Nowhere glamorous, I’m afraid. Only to drop Gabi off at daycare, drive-through at Starbucks, a couple of hours at Emma’s coop playgroup (and I led the day’s activity too), a stop-over at my good friend Annie’s, home for lunch, nap (for Emma) and writing (for me), the girls’ swimming lesson, then home for supper/bath/bed.

Sometimes a SAHM just wears heels for herself! IMG_8958

I also wanted to take a moment to thank Emma for helping me wear shoes I have been storing. My feet are appreciative!

The Sneaker Wedge

I like to mix styles. I enjoy the conflict that an outfit using masculine and feminine pieces creates. I love combining flowy and structured in the same outfit. And so of course this interest helps explain why I purchased this Steve Madden shoe.


“Have you seen this shoe trend where they put a hidden heel inside a running shoe?,” my dear friend Hannah said to me this past July. “Sure.” “I just don’t get it. Why would anyone want a hidden wedge inside a sneaker?” “Ummm, me. I actually have a pair and I really love them.” “Oh.” (Followed by an uncomfortable silence… until we laughed at each other. Which is what all good friends do in situations like this!)

I personally love the combination of a wedge and an athletic shoe. It doesn’t bother me. I suppose for me this shoe is for the days when I am wearing something a bit more dressy up top and I want to balance it out by casual footwear.


(Dress: Gap – old; Shoes: Steve Madden)

Today’s outfit self-photographs terribly!!! I have about 15 shots that are either out of focus or are just plain boring. A 100% cotton, maxi black dress without texture and details is just boring. Comfortable but boring. That’s why the unexpected wedge sneaker helps. I under-accessorized purposefully, pulling my hair back into a ponytail and using big tear-drop wooden earrings. I was going for clean and fresh… but it photographed as boring and uninspired. Ugh. Oh well.



You can tell me… do you have a sneaker wedge? I promise not to tell Hannah..I

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