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Comfy Cozy

We use this term a lot in my house. To describe getting into our pyjamas. To describe getting into our beds at night. To describe getting ready on the couch to watch a movie.

And now I’m using Comfy Cozy to describe these boots.


Aldo (old)

The lining of these boots is incredible! Fuzzy deliciousness!

Some back-story: These are the first pair of shoes I bought for myself after Gabi was born. She almost 1 year old. I felt like my coach had put me back in the game. I walked around the store eyeing the candy and settled on these. Good for the cooler/colder season and with a decent platform and heel height.


Jacket: H&M (old); T-shirt: Old Navy (Canada – only $3.99, US – only $4.97); Jeans: Kensie; Boots: Aldo (old)



Thanks for the memories!

It was another beautiful day yesterday in Montreal and so it seemed silly to put on closed shoes (even though my bare toe nails are shameful!) I donned this pair of sandals by Aldo that I have had forever.


These shoes have been in my closet and on my feet longer than I’ve been with Ross. Acutally, I owned them before I started dating the guy before him! In doing some quick math, I realize I have had them for over a decade (now that’s a lot of memories!). They were on the bench for many years but this summer they were put back into the line-up. I like the combination of hardware and braided rafia (although I am not generally a fan of rafia). Plus, the comfortable height is always appreciated for short girls like me!

Where did they take me? To drop Gabi off at daycare, a run to City Hall with Emma, over to Maxi (a grocery store), over to Target (my first time on home soil!), home for nap (Emma) and writing/house cleaning (me), and finally supper/bath/bed.


To fit the relaxed, boho vibe I was feeling, I chose these flared Rich and Skinny jeans (eBay), a pop-of-green-tank (Old Navy) and a wrinkled white button down (Joe Fresh). I know this outfit is a far cry from Nicole Ritchie but this was my version of boho. I obviously do not have a boho dedicated closet.

So Steph, do you consider yourself an unlucky person?

No. I can be quite clumsy but I don’t think that’s what caused today’s mishap. Some aura must be around me recently because the shoes from above, are no more! As I am carrying Emma and walking into a restaurant for lunch, two straps on my left shoe detach. That’s right. Not one. Two. And not partially. Completely. I had to double knot the rest of the strap around my ankle just to be able to walk! Here’s what’s left of it:


For those of you who read Monday’s post, I swear that this doesn’t always happen to me! Or maybe it has but only by writing this blog am I now seeing a pattern emerge! Must pay more attention

So another one bites the dust. Farewell old friends!

Does this mean I have to go shopping?!?!?

Summer 2013 shoe, I did love you!

There I was, at the beginning of the summer 2013 season, looking at the array of choices for my feet. Loving way more pairs of shoes than I could have afforded, I chose to use my hard-earned money to adorn my 5 foot 2 frame with a 3.75 inch wedge.


Now, the 1.5 inch platform made this shoe completely comfortable for me to spend the entire day in. These wedge sandals accompanied me on trips to the grocery store, afternoons in the park, and making chalk drawings with my two daughters  on our front steps.


In addition to the height and comfort, the neutral colors meant they went with any casual outfit I would compose. Even now I am surprised I chose ones with a braided rafia platform… I tend to prefer a ‘flatter’ texture. I am glad I followed my instincts as these were perfect!

Cheers to a having had a great summer ’13! Which pair were your shoes of the season? I’d love to see pics too. Hashtag SJKsSITC on Twitter or Instagram to share! Or post it on my FB page.

Now Fall ’13 collection, which ones will I take home? Stay tuned…


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