If Only I Had an Extra…

$5 to spend, I’d buy:


$10 to spend, I’d buy:


$20 to spend, I’d buy:


But let’s be honest. What I really want is an extra $200 so I can buy my favorite black botties by Vince Camuto



Miz Mooz, Act Deux

How do you make a walking eggplant classier? Add black tights, black/gold jewelry…


… and give those Miz Mooz shoes another go.


Because I’m a team player, I wore purple yesterday along with Gabi and the rest of her daycare friends. Gabi insisted that I wear this bubble skirt, despite my best efforts to convince her I should go with something else. You see, I know that this skirt looks better on the hanger than on me – and the worst part is, I knew it in the changing room. I thought I was past all this. That I had matured into a woman who knew when to walk away.

IMG_9149 IMG_9162

Shirt: Tahari via Marshal’s, similar; Skirt: HD*In Paris via Anthropolgie, same; Tights: HUE; Shoes: Miz Mooz

I’m not entirely sure what the problem is. I love the color and the embroidery


…and the pockets! Oh, pockets on a skirt are gold! I think the proportions are just not right for me. Too bubbly for my 5 foot 2 frame? Perhaps if I had worn heels… but then this outfit would not have been SAHM appropriate. I mean how many moms do you see playing Zingo and pushing doll strollers around wearing 4 inch stiletto heels? (well some, I’m sure).

The shoes were great. Grounded this fancy-leaning outfit and kept my toes comfortable all day long. I mean, pushing doll strollers to a fake grocery store can be tough on a woman’s feet!

I think this may have been my first attempt at a monochromatic outfit. I like the idea of it, but next time I’ll execute better.

Do you like to dress in shades of one color?

My Riding Boot

I don’t believe in Must-Have lists. Generally speaking, that is. I personally have a list of items I would love to have in my closet, whether it is footwear or clothing or jewelry. This list will change as the seasons change, as the trends evolve and as my own sense of style emerges. Last summer though, one item in particular was at the top of my list: The Riding Boot.

There is a riding boot for everyone. The Equestrian. The Classic Girl. The Rocker. The Embellisher.

These are mine. Which category do I fall into???


Ted Baker: same but a splurge; similar/eBay; similar/Canada

I found them on-line, a shopping method I thoroughly enjoy. I try to stick to companies/websites that offer free shipping and either free returns or free in-store returns. See the trouble with on-line shopping is that a lot of the time, I end up having to return the item. It might be too small, too big, not the right color in person, or simply not exactly what I was looking for.

These boots far surpassed all expectations! I have worn them many times over the year, in many ways.


Shirt: Old Navy similar; Belt: Kohl’s similar; Skirt: London Jeans via Victoria’s Secret similar; Tights: HUE

Yesterday I wore them with this mustard yellow, corduroy skirt and a chambray shirt. I tried to match the color of the tights with the skirt this time (alternatively color matching with shoes here).

IMG_9108 IMG_9123 IMG_9125

Do you own a riding boot? Full disclosure: I’m allergic to horses… but I can still pull the look off, right?!

A Day of Firsts

Hello BCBG heels, circa 2009! I bought these with a DSW gift card I had received for my birthday and a couple of days later I found out I was pregnant with Gabi. Didn’t get much wear out of them then…

IMG_9068 IMG_9065

Don’t mind the artistic flower arrangement… Emma and I had just bought them and I thought they would add a nice touch!

But they seemed to complete yesterday’s outfit, which was influenced by three things:

  1. I spent some time discovering new fashion blogs the other day and one theme in particular stood out to me: transitioning summer shoes, skirts and dresses into fall by using tights and layers.
  2. Since I had to wear my beloved red Portofino shirt (my daughter’s daycare is doing colors this week and yesterday was red day), I decided to pair it with this Kensie skirt I bought this past summer during Nordstrom’s semi-annual sale. This skirt is way out of my comfort zone. Neither the fit nor the aztec print are things you see anywhere else in my closet.
  3. Two of my favorite “down to earth” and “completely relatable” fashion bloggers have recently done posts on mixing prints. Check out Marion and Kimberly. Their posts are wonderful.

IMG_9076 IMG_9097 IMG_9084IMG_9085

Shoes: BCBG (similar; similar; similar, similar); Skirt: Kensie; Shirt: Express; Jacket: Voll (old)

I’m not sure if this outfit works but I am feeling proud of myself for trying something new. And I’m happy that this outfit is appropriate for going grocery shopping and to the library with Emma 😉

Do you have a birthday shoe? Do you mix prints?


What’s The Point?

I hate when a good shoe goes to waste. Like yesterday’s.

IMG_9059 IMG_9058

I bought this shoe for two reasons. First, I have an attraction to menswear shoes. Second, I need a shoe that I can wear with socks and is a step up from an athletic shoe.


So when Nordstrom had it’s semi-annual sale, I quickly ran through their catalogue of flat, laced shoes and found these by Miz Mooz.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the shoe. It’s just that in order for the shoe to stand out, I would need to pair it with a skirt or dress or ankle-length pants. And yesterday I wore jeans and a shirt. These shoes just… sat there.

IMG_9060 IMG_9061

Shirt: Anthropologie 2012; Jeans: Paige via eBay; Shoes: Miz Mooz

I’ll have to do better next time! Spend more than 30 seconds in my closet might help…


Farewell, dear friend!

A little while ago, I decided to join the fashionistas in the belief that neutrals include metallics. And so my first metallic shoe was purchased in 2007. She was a shiny gold loafer-style slip-on flat that adorned my footsies beautifully. They added the perfect amount of magic to my outfits, taking the blah and spicing it up just a notch.


That’s how I view footwear. A way to jazz up an otherwise ordinary outfit.

These shoes took me to many places, from grocery shopping to a friend’s wedding (I was 8 months pregnant at the time and heels were a big NO!).

But alas, the time has come for these shoes to say farewell. The seams are coming apart and they are no longer comfortable. They have left scratches on my inner ankle bones for the last time (fashion does hurt sometimes).


And so Friday was their last hoorah. I wore them running errands and to a playdate.


Maxi Skirt: Gap Outlet; T-shirt: Le Garage; Necklace: The Bay

So I wore this black weaved beaded necklace with this outfit… and now that I look at the pictures, it may be slightly too matchy-matchy with the t-shirt’s pocket. Thoughts????


I will miss you, my loves. Alas, you know what this means??? I have to find a new metallic basic shoe… right?!


Little Blue Shoes

These were my 2007 shoe.


Have you ever done this? You buy a great shoe and then it becomes your go-to, going-out shoe for months? Of course you do. You’re human.

Well, during spring, summer and fall of 2007, these little blue shoes were on my feet most Friday and Saturday nights. You see, this was before I received my membership card to the Boring Club. Which coincidentally arrived in the mail the very same day my first daughter was born. Membership duties included: staying in almost always, application of make-up unnecessary, styled hair not required, and being in bed by 9 pm highly recommended.

Long gone were the nights of walking miles to the bar, dancing all night and taking a cab home… in these little blue shoes.

Aren’t they cute? The kitten heel… the peep toe… the faux patent leather.


They made their long-overdue, re-debut last Sunday when I wore them to my great friend Annie’s baby shower. Annie had one of the most attended showers I have ever heard of, topping off at 59 people.

IMG_8980 IMG_8982

Shoes: BCBG; Dress: Old Navy; Earrings: Loft Outlet

And true to what seems to be the current misfortune of my shoe collection, I discovered that the rubber side tap was missing on the right heel. Gone. I know that it’s an easy fixI just need to bring it to the cobbler. But still, come on! First my pants from last Saturday night, then my sandal straps from last Friday and now the missing rubber wedge thingy that is the sole of the heel from yesterday.

At least I didn’t have to walk for miles…

Send me a pic of your (current or old) go-to going out shoe! Are you like me and chose a kitten heel or were you more daring and chose a higher heel? I’m so curious!

Wrap Me Up and Slap on Some Studs While You’re at It!

I saw these boots one fateful day in Akira. Then I walked away. Then I came back and tried them on. Then I walked away. Then I came back and bought them.

IMG_9040 IMG_9028

(boot cuff can go straight up or folded over)

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever returned to a store so you could buy a shoe simply because you couldn’t get it out of your mind?!

Of course you have. You’re reading a blog about shoes which means you probably like to buy shoes too.

It’s only happen to me twice before. Once in the early 2000’s for a knee-high, square-toe, block heel, leather purple pair of boots. I wore those everywhere! Had to since I pulled a Carrie Bradshaw for those – bought shoes instead of groceries! Another time, in the mid 2000’s for a pair of cut-out boots. Note to self: wear boots in order to post about it later.

I know what attracted me to these puppies by Dollhouse: the straps and the studs. They were biker but babe and I wanted to own a bit of that persona. The hidden platform makes it a relatively easy boot to spend the day in (although truth be told, yesterday was the first day I wore them).

I tend not to buy boots that hit mid-calf, seeing as that height tends to cut the leg line, and I am only 5 foot 2. So I kept the color of the rest of the outfit uniform in order to avoid chopping my body up.


The scrunching/ruching along with the straps and studs does make me feel a bit like a pirate. Maybe these will become my ‘don’t mess with me today’ boots. So watch out when I do!


Flashy Heels for a Not-So-Flashy Me

I am a social introvert. I am shy but I love meeting new people. I am often insecure but I love to make connections with others. Do you see what I mean? I believed I was a shy person until recently. Whenever I would describe myself this way to old friends or to new acquaintances, they always looked at me confused. “I never thought of you as a shy person,” is what my high school friend Michele told me. Oh. So this is why I now describe myself as a social introvert. I am the person who might not organize the party but would enjoy herself once talked into going. And so on to these shoes…


These shoes are loud. They grab your attention. These are the ‘social’ to my introverted outfit.


Jeans: Paige via eBay; Tank: Corner Shop via Winners; Blazer: Old Navy (very very old); Infinity scarf: H&M

This outfit was borne from Gabi’s desire for me to wear the blazer. I am so glad she asked me to wear it because it has been hanging in my closet for a very long time. I have been a huge fan of blazers for as long as I have been in charge of shopping for my own clothes. However, the last time I wore this one was in the fall of 2005. No joke. Which means this blazer has moved from Montreal to Chicago and back… without having been worn once! Until today.

I like how this outfit mixes the mundane, such as the jeans and blazer, and mixes in some color via the scarf and shoes. I’m not one for matchy-matchy but I like how the pinks compliment each other.

Would you wear heels on a Wednesday? Share your pic of your flashy shoes!


Monday Mom-day

So yes, it’s now a thing.

Monday is now devoted to moms all over. Monday mornings for moms can be tough. Stay-at-home and Work-at-home and Work-outside-the-home moms are all confronted with the task to get the family organized and out the door for whatever the day beholds. We’re coming off two days of being more relaxed, less structured and having more fun. But Monday morning comes around and we are back into the swing of the weekday routine.

Today’s inspiration for my choice of footwear was yesterday’s weather. It turned chilly, gusty and well, autumn-ey. So after dressing the girls, eating breakfast and brushing their teeth (must be done by 7:50 am on weekdays), I went into my closet to dress myself and instinctively reached for these faux suede booties.


Emma and I weren’t up to much this Monday. We dropped Gabi off, quick trip to Wal-Mart and then enjoyed the rest of the morning with her/my friends at the co-op playgroup we joined. Home for lunch and nap (Emma), writing (me), then playtime with Gabi and again ending the day with supper/bath/bed.

  IMG_8987 IMG_8985

I wore these jeans by Paige Denim (via eBay), tank from Old Navy (I have it in 3 colors but no longer sold on-line) and a boucle jacket by Sandro (via Winners, aka TJ Maxx). Side note: I have been searching for a boucle jacket for months and finally found this one. I love it!


Sorry for the delay on this Monday post… last weekend took a lot of me and I’m still trying to recuperate. Thanks for understanding!


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