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When I’m Bored, I look At Fall Booties On-Line

Not sure if we share this beloved past-time, but when I have a few minutes to disconnect from my day and want to do something to reboot, I window shop on-line. I go to a site and fill my cart with all things beautiful. There’s something refreshing about discovering new items and how I would style them.

If I were in the market for a new bootie, and wasn’t restricted by price, I would have bought this one (in black as pictured) at first sight.


They’re by Vince Camuto. I spotted them a couple of months ago at The Bay (Canadian version of Macy’s) and although they were out of my budget, I sort of begged my husband to green-light the purchase. I tried to rationalize it as a necessary boot for the season. He didn’t bite. He very diplomatically said I could buy them, as long as it came out of my budget. I hung my head and walked away from them. I still think about them and yes, I do regret not buying them.

Tell me you’ve also regretted not buying a shoe 2 months later!!!

So, back to on-line window shopping. Piperlime. I like the site, being able to buy from Old Navy, Gap, and Piperlime all at once. Very time effective. They offer free shipping and free 30-day returns, which makes shopping on their site a no-brainer. (Unfortunately for my Canadian readers, they only ship to the US).

It just so happens that I had a few minutes to myself and I decided to fill my Piperlime cart with fall booties for the season. I realized once my shopping excurson was completed, I had three categories of booties: the ones that fit into my $100/month fashion budget, the ones that are just above my budget and maybe I could borrow from next month’s, and those that are ridiculously out of my budget. Regardless of the category, I find something interesting in each.

Full disclaimer: I have not tried on these boots. I have no idea of their fit or comfort. This is simply a wish list and if I were in the States, I would probably order some from the first two categories to try on at home. Piperlime has not solicited my opinions. I have compiled this without any association to Piperlime.

Category 1: $100 or less and in my budget


Steve Madden

Category 2: Slightly out of my budget. I wouldn’t order them but I would most certainly try these on if I found them in a store!


DV by Dolce Vita

Calvin Klein

Nine West

French Connection

Kenneth Cole Reaction

Boutique 9

Arturo Chiang

Vince Camuto

Category 3: These are so out of my price range, they make me nervous! I probably wouldn’t even try them on in fear of falling in love and having to walk away! Beautiful footwear, nonetheless.


Rachel Roy

Sigerson Morisson


Stuart Weitzman

Tell me, do you fake shop too?



A Nine West Wish List

I have the fortune (or misfortune, depending on how you look at it) to have signed up for email alerts for sales and promotions from many different stores, both Canadian and American.  At first, I rationalized by telling myself it was a great way to know what was current. Pictures sent to me could be used as inspiration for my own outfits. Now I see these emails as messages my shop-a-holic alter-ego wants to receive so she can goat me into buying more than my budget allows for! It’s so hard! Are you with me on this? Truth is, regardless of what my budget would be set at, I would find more than that to buy!

Thank you for letting me share!

I own several shoes by Nine West, and have already showcased thesethese and these. Nine West is what I define as a no-nonsense, straight-forward and classic-looking shoe. They may use some (not much) playful patterns, some embellishing with buckles and knots, but mostly, this company creates shoes for the modern working woman. And they are made well.

This weekend’s email alert was for their Friends & Family sale of 30%, and it piqued my interest. Once I got to looking at what the site had to offer, I started looking at other shoe sites as well. I’ve compiled a few shoes and boots that I would easily bring home to join my collection:

NWalyviaAlyvia: and if I didn’t have enough oxfords, I’d buy these! Pair with anything (Canada, US, US)

NWocco  Occo: Pair with a feminine dress (Canada, US, US)

NWlayeaLayea: pair with skinnies or leggings and an over-sized sweater or blouse (Canada, US, US)

NWCometeComete: pair with a dress, pencil skirt, or leggings/skinnies… and if you can wear 4.5 inch heels! (Canada)

NWHollydayHollyday: I love these booties! They have the perfect delicate detail in the stitching while having a very structured shape. Can be worn with anything! (USUS)

NWpristeenPristeen - Black/ black leatherPristeen: pair with a mini skirt, mini dress, skinnies. This might just be the over-the-knee boot I’m looking for! (US)

What are your thoughts on on-line shopping for shoes? What are your thoughts on Nine West?


If Only I Had an Extra…

$5 to spend, I’d buy:


$10 to spend, I’d buy:


$20 to spend, I’d buy:


But let’s be honest. What I really want is an extra $200 so I can buy my favorite black botties by Vince Camuto


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