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Sky High at Upstairs

Do you know my mom? She’s beautiful, amazing, kind and fun. She also celebrated her 65th birthday last week and we all went out this past Sunday night to enjoy some time together. My brother and sister-in-law, my mother and father-in-law, my parents and Ross and I went for a night of food, drinks and live jazz. I had a wonderful time. The best memories were watching my mom move to music as her facial expressions mimicked the singer’s.


Shirt: Express; Jeans: Paige Denim; Boots: Raphaella Booz

It was also a great opportunity for me to introduce my new bag to the world. It was a present from Ross on our 7th wedding anniversary. It went a little like this:

Me walking around by myself at Aldo sometime in August… “Oooh, I love this bag! Oooooh, I want this bag!”

Two weeks later, I casually brought it up to Ross…

“Baby, are you looking for a wedding anniversary present suggestion?”

“Uhhhhhhh,” Ross was apparently caught off guard.

“If you did, there’s a great bag at Aldo. I could even make it easy for you and go get it.”


And that how I got my bag. Thank you Ross!

IMG_9269 IMG_9271

Bag:  Adelaide by Aldo


A Day of Firsts

Hello BCBG heels, circa 2009! I bought these with a DSW gift card I had received for my birthday and a couple of days later I found out I was pregnant with Gabi. Didn’t get much wear out of them then…

IMG_9068 IMG_9065

Don’t mind the artistic flower arrangement… Emma and I had just bought them and I thought they would add a nice touch!

But they seemed to complete yesterday’s outfit, which was influenced by three things:

  1. I spent some time discovering new fashion blogs the other day and one theme in particular stood out to me: transitioning summer shoes, skirts and dresses into fall by using tights and layers.
  2. Since I had to wear my beloved red Portofino shirt (my daughter’s daycare is doing colors this week and yesterday was red day), I decided to pair it with this Kensie skirt I bought this past summer during Nordstrom’s semi-annual sale. This skirt is way out of my comfort zone. Neither the fit nor the aztec print are things you see anywhere else in my closet.
  3. Two of my favorite “down to earth” and “completely relatable” fashion bloggers have recently done posts on mixing prints. Check out Marion and Kimberly. Their posts are wonderful.

IMG_9076 IMG_9097 IMG_9084IMG_9085

Shoes: BCBG (similar; similar; similar, similar); Skirt: Kensie; Shirt: Express; Jacket: Voll (old)

I’m not sure if this outfit works but I am feeling proud of myself for trying something new. And I’m happy that this outfit is appropriate for going grocery shopping and to the library with Emma 😉

Do you have a birthday shoe? Do you mix prints?


Wrap Me Up and Slap on Some Studs While You’re at It!

I saw these boots one fateful day in Akira. Then I walked away. Then I came back and tried them on. Then I walked away. Then I came back and bought them.

IMG_9040 IMG_9028

(boot cuff can go straight up or folded over)

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever returned to a store so you could buy a shoe simply because you couldn’t get it out of your mind?!

Of course you have. You’re reading a blog about shoes which means you probably like to buy shoes too.

It’s only happen to me twice before. Once in the early 2000’s for a knee-high, square-toe, block heel, leather purple pair of boots. I wore those everywhere! Had to since I pulled a Carrie Bradshaw for those – bought shoes instead of groceries! Another time, in the mid 2000’s for a pair of cut-out boots. Note to self: wear boots in order to post about it later.

I know what attracted me to these puppies by Dollhouse: the straps and the studs. They were biker but babe and I wanted to own a bit of that persona. The hidden platform makes it a relatively easy boot to spend the day in (although truth be told, yesterday was the first day I wore them).

I tend not to buy boots that hit mid-calf, seeing as that height tends to cut the leg line, and I am only 5 foot 2. So I kept the color of the rest of the outfit uniform in order to avoid chopping my body up.


The scrunching/ruching along with the straps and studs does make me feel a bit like a pirate. Maybe these will become my ‘don’t mess with me today’ boots. So watch out when I do!


Flashy Heels for a Not-So-Flashy Me

I am a social introvert. I am shy but I love meeting new people. I am often insecure but I love to make connections with others. Do you see what I mean? I believed I was a shy person until recently. Whenever I would describe myself this way to old friends or to new acquaintances, they always looked at me confused. “I never thought of you as a shy person,” is what my high school friend Michele told me. Oh. So this is why I now describe myself as a social introvert. I am the person who might not organize the party but would enjoy herself once talked into going. And so on to these shoes…


These shoes are loud. They grab your attention. These are the ‘social’ to my introverted outfit.


Jeans: Paige via eBay; Tank: Corner Shop via Winners; Blazer: Old Navy (very very old); Infinity scarf: H&M

This outfit was borne from Gabi’s desire for me to wear the blazer. I am so glad she asked me to wear it because it has been hanging in my closet for a very long time. I have been a huge fan of blazers for as long as I have been in charge of shopping for my own clothes. However, the last time I wore this one was in the fall of 2005. No joke. Which means this blazer has moved from Montreal to Chicago and back… without having been worn once! Until today.

I like how this outfit mixes the mundane, such as the jeans and blazer, and mixes in some color via the scarf and shoes. I’m not one for matchy-matchy but I like how the pinks compliment each other.

Would you wear heels on a Wednesday? Share your pic of your flashy shoes!


My Introduction to Chicago’s Shopping Scene and Yes, My 2 year old Dresses Me

Ross and my love story began in Montreal during the summer of 2005. He was in Montreal as a short-term transfer from his Chicago-based job. My brother introduced us and by the end of that night, I was smitten. It wasn’t long before we were talking about our future and it was decided that we would move to Chicago together after my school year ended (I was an elementary school teacher). And so my love story with Chicago began July 1st, 2006.

After a 4-month stint in Lincoln Square, Ross and I bought a condo in the neighbourhood of Logan Square. When we moved there I immediately went exploring by foot (my favourite way to discover a new city). It didn’t take me long to walk down Milwaukee ave until I found Bucktown. More specifically, the store called Akira. (There are also locations in Lincoln Park and the Loop). They are a Chicago-based boutique that has an on-line website. A girl in a new city with no friends??? Well, she finds out quickly where to shop for shoes, right?!

Akira, for me, was that store that offered your basic shoes with a twist. I ‘met’ designers I had never heard of. I tried shoes on that I had never considered before. Akira helped me grow my collection, and to them, I am in debt. Hahaha, I just got this pun!

In the summer of 2007, I picked up this cutie: a nautical inspired Steve Madden heel. They seemed whimsical and classic at the same time. A shoe I could easily pair with a summer dress. The stripes and polka dots kept the classic shape youthful.


I’m going to tell you secret… yesterday was the first time I wore them! Although I’m not surprised by this, I am quite disappointed I didn’t wear them this past summer! The nautical theme was huge. But alas, I didn’t.

Wanna know why I finally wore them? Because my 2 year old told me to!

Emma is obsessed with polka-dots. She wakes up thinking about polka-dots and goes to sleep talking about polka-dots. It’s no surprise that whenever I say I’m going to get dressed, she follows me in trying to convince me that I should wear my polka-dots (I had no idea I had so many items with polka-dots before she pointed them out!)


Yesterday morning I decided to choose my shoes first, then create the outfit. Guess which pair Emma went for? That’s right, the (only) shoes with polka-dots on them (I promise). I chose to wear them with my Rich and Skinny jeans (eBay) paired with a red and white, wide striped shirt (forever 21).


Where did these heels take me? Nowhere glamorous, I’m afraid. Only to drop Gabi off at daycare, drive-through at Starbucks, a couple of hours at Emma’s coop playgroup (and I led the day’s activity too), a stop-over at my good friend Annie’s, home for lunch, nap (for Emma) and writing (for me), the girls’ swimming lesson, then home for supper/bath/bed.

Sometimes a SAHM just wears heels for herself! IMG_8958

I also wanted to take a moment to thank Emma for helping me wear shoes I have been storing. My feet are appreciative!

A grown-up’s birthday

This past Saturday night, Ross and I celebrated our friend Simon’s 30th birthday by joining his friends and family at Andrea restaurant in LaSalle. It was a surprise party and though he knew something was up, Simon was really in awe of how many people came to honour his birthday!


Simon with his mother and grand-mother

I chose my shoes first (doesn’t everyone?). I have had these faux suede red heels for over 6 years… How do I remember that? Well, I wore these same shoes to my rehearsal dinner back in September 2007! I bought them at Payless and these particular shoes fall into the comfortable-yet-economic shoe. Thank goodness!


I wore them with a blue patterned Kenar dress pant and a Spense white shirt with lace sleeves (both bought at Winners – that’s TJ Maxx for my American readers).

It was a great night and I felt classy enough to warrant the guitar player’s attention during dinner (boy, he sang loudly!)


Steph, did something embarrassing happen that night? Why yes! Thanks for asking.

Ross and I were given the responsibility of bringing the gigantic, carefully wrapped group gift to the restaurant. It weighed at least 25 pound and was bigger than me (well, not quite but almost!) Imagine this: our two kids are in the kitchen finishing up dinner with my sister-in-law and mom, who so generously offered to babysit. In the basement, I squat down to lift the enormous gift (because that’s what they say to do: to lift with the legs and not the back). Well, exactly like in the movies, as I squat I hear a rip. And not any ordinary rip. One right in the back-side of my crotch. So, what did I do? You probably think that a classy and self-respecting woman like me would have gone upstairs to change my pants before heading to a restaurant full of people I didn’t know. But no. I didn’t. I went as is. Hole in my pant’s crotch and all its possible future humiliation. I chose to avoid the chance of falling into the black hole known as kids-who-don’t-want-their-mom-to-leave, rather than avoid someone seeing a hole in my pant’s seam.


Sorry for the graphic image. It was the best way to show you how inconvenient the hole’s placement was. I tried using a pencil to point at it and a bracelet to surround it but alas the finger is the best shot, although it does look like my pants are going to the bathroom. Again, I’m sorry.

In the end, no one noticed. Or at least no one came up to me to tell me that my underwear was showing. Oh gosh! Maybe they were too embarrassed to tell me!

Back to shoes, do you have a red pair of heels? What is your favourite stand-out colour to wear on your feet?

Am I still in lust?

I am like all other women. I have two lengths of hemmed jeans: ones to be worn with heels and ones to be worn with flats.


And so getting dressed this past Sunday morning for a good friend’s 2 year old’s birthday party (what a mouth full!), I had to choose a pair of heels to go with my longer hemmed Paige jeans which I had paired with my teal Portofino shirt from Express (I have this shirt in 4 colors!). It was drizzling out and so I selected a faux leather pair I had bought at Payless a few years back.


Trouble with some of the shoes I bought back then is that sometimes I bought from price-point and not so much from a quality and comfort standpoint. And these shoes fall in the former. My poor big right toe became numb after 20 minutes of wear (and I was sitting in the car too).


So I am now faced with one of my most dreaded decisions: will I keep this pair of shoes or not?

I think my wisdom and maturity is leading me to donate these retro-inspired booties. Perhaps there is a woman out there who will love wearing these shoes… without the numb toes.

And in any case, as I was placing them back on its shelf (didn’t I just say I was going to donate them?!?!), I noticed this snag:


Guess I won’t be wearing them for sure after all!

Summer 2013 shoe, I did love you!

There I was, at the beginning of the summer 2013 season, looking at the array of choices for my feet. Loving way more pairs of shoes than I could have afforded, I chose to use my hard-earned money to adorn my 5 foot 2 frame with a 3.75 inch wedge.


Now, the 1.5 inch platform made this shoe completely comfortable for me to spend the entire day in. These wedge sandals accompanied me on trips to the grocery store, afternoons in the park, and making chalk drawings with my two daughters  on our front steps.


In addition to the height and comfort, the neutral colors meant they went with any casual outfit I would compose. Even now I am surprised I chose ones with a braided rafia platform… I tend to prefer a ‘flatter’ texture. I am glad I followed my instincts as these were perfect!

Cheers to a having had a great summer ’13! Which pair were your shoes of the season? I’d love to see pics too. Hashtag SJKsSITC on Twitter or Instagram to share! Or post it on my FB page.

Now Fall ’13 collection, which ones will I take home? Stay tuned…


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