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That’s A Whole Lotta Purple

I love color! My closet has always reflected this. Over time, I have owned (and rocked) blue, yellow, coral, red, green, purple, black, and checkered jeans. Although I tend to buy neutral outerwear, I have a rainbow in my closet… including my footwear.

So when I came upon these slouchy lilac boots at DSW by Penny Loves Kenny a few moons ago (B.K., meaning Before Kids), I brought them home without hesitation. Why not use footwear as the pop of color when the rest of my outfit is neutral? It’s a win-win.


DSW (old): Steal

So why these boots yesterday? Because Emma grabbed them! Of course she did. It seems that my youngest daughter has taken to the color purple as I did when I was younger. As a teenager, my friends on the ski hill knew it was me from afar. I was the only one decked out in full purple attire, from my hat and goggles down to my ski boots!


Dress: Akira (old); Sweater: Gap (old); Tights: HUE; Boots: Penny Loves Kenny via DSW (old)

I’m trying really hard to dress in new ways, at least new for myself. If I’m going to really adhere to my monthly shopping budget, I need to reinvent the clothes I already have. And as much as I love to layer, I usually like to work progressively from the under layers to the outer layers. However yesterday, I wore the long sleeve under the short sleeved dress. New. For me.

What I like about this hand-me-down dress I inherited from my mom, is the embellishment at the neck. It has enough bling to be worn with just earrings.


Do you wear a t-shirt over a long sleeve? Do you share clothes with your mom?



The Underdog

I look at this shoe and I say to myself “why did I buy you again?”


Steve Madden via

Here may be a few contributing factors:

  • I bought them on-line
  • They were quite inexpensive
  • They looked easy to put on and off
  • They were/are trendy
  • I needed more flats

Overall, these shoes don’t excite me. They’re a bit floppy for my liking. They don’t seem to help me express the mood I’m in either. Oh well. That’s why I’m calling them the underdog of my collection. The pair that I only put on when I don’t seem to care what I put on my feet. They’re also the underdog because I seem to wear them more often that the pairs that do excite me and allow me to express different sides of myself.

Go figure!


Blazer: Jennifer Lopez via Kohl’s (old); Tank: Old Navy (old); Jeans: Rich and Skinny via eBay

Steph, why is the area below your knees wearing out? Are you a plumber? Are you a floor-washer aficionada?

Why no, I’m neither of those things. You see, I bought these jeans on eBay and so they were already worn in. But truthfully I started noticing it becoming lighter and lighter the more I wore them. I loved these jeans so much. They were, and still are, my favorite pair. So I wore them often, Maybe daily for a while. I chalk it up to getting down on the floor and playing with my then 1 and 2 year old daughters. I promise you that’s why. Please believe me.

Overall, I feel polished in this outfit. I like the loose jacket with massive pockets – in which I can easily put my phone, keys and other diddies. I like the straight legged jeans to counter-balance the proportions. And the gold chain, which coincidentally was purchased not long ago on-line, helped fill the space near my collarbone nicely.

When I left the house on this blistering windy fall day, I wore my basic black trench and a black and white scarf. All cozy!


Trench: Will Smith via Marshall’s (old); Scarf: H&M (old)

Do you own a shoe that is blah? How often do you wear yours?


Laid Back

There are days when a woman wants to wear heels.

There are days when a woman wants to wear her Converse. Yesterday was one of those days.


Converse: $35 at Winners (Canadian TJ Maxx) similar

For some reason these shoes make me want to call them ‘kicks’. I hear this term in songs and by the cool people I pass on the street. Not entirely sure if using ‘kicks’ to describe my Converse is right or not… I may have just flashed my geek card. Actually, I’ll wave it high and proudly!

I was channelling a muted version of grunge when I got dressed.  Grunge, including plaid, is back with a vengeance and for those of us who wore grunge in the 90’s because we were old enough to shop for ourselves might find it a bit hard to re-play the part in 2013. But maybe that’s just me. Truth is, I like plaid. I might not be able to wear a red plaid mini skirt anymore, but I can certainly figure out how to incorporate the look. So I’m interpreting the trend in my own way, subtly via my shoes (unless I go back to Jacob and buy their plaid dress pants! In which case I will proudly display my attraction to plaid).

The rest of my outfit was monochromatic… in one shade: black. Black skinnies and a black light sweater. Grunge-y, right?! I know, not really. Just remember it’s interpreted 🙂 I certainly felt relaxed with a slight ‘I-don’t-care’ attitude. A slight one.


Shirt: DKNY Jeans (old); Jeans: Rich and Skinny via eBay; Shoes: Converse via Winners

The point of interest up top is the crochet-like inlay on the shoulders and down the back. Love the details! Subtle but interesting.


And since fall is in full swing in Montreal, I want to also include how I dressed to leave the house.


Jacket: Gap (old); Scarf: H&M (no longer on-line)

How did you dress for Hump Day? Did you sport heels or flats? Do you Grunge or not?


Black, Red and Purrrrrr

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring.

What do you wear when you know you’ll have to don your animal print rainboots? 


Why, red skinny jeans and a black top, of course!


Shirt: Forever 21 (old); Pants: Joe Fresh (old); Boots: Wal-Mart (old)

I’ve pinned this color combination enough times to know that it works. Thanks Pinterest!

I personally like both color and texture in my closet. I was wandering around the store having to use up a store credit on the spot when I noticed this lonely sweater. Either someone had left it on the wrong rack or it really was the last in stock. Either way, it played out like this in the changing room: Hmmm, the sleeves are a bit short… I could push them up and make it a 3/4… I’ve never worn something like this… could be interesting… (try on other clothes. try this sweater on again) Ok. I think I’ll take it seeing as it’s only $10… My chance paid off because I now love love love it. It takes the ordinary and makes it a fun and interesting top.


What do you do when the clouds break and the sun comes through half way through the day?

Why, you switch your animal print rainboots for your animal print flats, of course.


Did you notice my polish? I used Essie’s No Place Like Chrome (I know I’m late to the party on this color!)


Miz Mooz, Act Deux

How do you make a walking eggplant classier? Add black tights, black/gold jewelry…


… and give those Miz Mooz shoes another go.


Because I’m a team player, I wore purple yesterday along with Gabi and the rest of her daycare friends. Gabi insisted that I wear this bubble skirt, despite my best efforts to convince her I should go with something else. You see, I know that this skirt looks better on the hanger than on me – and the worst part is, I knew it in the changing room. I thought I was past all this. That I had matured into a woman who knew when to walk away.

IMG_9149 IMG_9162

Shirt: Tahari via Marshal’s, similar; Skirt: HD*In Paris via Anthropolgie, same; Tights: HUE; Shoes: Miz Mooz

I’m not entirely sure what the problem is. I love the color and the embroidery


…and the pockets! Oh, pockets on a skirt are gold! I think the proportions are just not right for me. Too bubbly for my 5 foot 2 frame? Perhaps if I had worn heels… but then this outfit would not have been SAHM appropriate. I mean how many moms do you see playing Zingo and pushing doll strollers around wearing 4 inch stiletto heels? (well some, I’m sure).

The shoes were great. Grounded this fancy-leaning outfit and kept my toes comfortable all day long. I mean, pushing doll strollers to a fake grocery store can be tough on a woman’s feet!

I think this may have been my first attempt at a monochromatic outfit. I like the idea of it, but next time I’ll execute better.

Do you like to dress in shades of one color?

What’s The Point?

I hate when a good shoe goes to waste. Like yesterday’s.

IMG_9059 IMG_9058

I bought this shoe for two reasons. First, I have an attraction to menswear shoes. Second, I need a shoe that I can wear with socks and is a step up from an athletic shoe.


So when Nordstrom had it’s semi-annual sale, I quickly ran through their catalogue of flat, laced shoes and found these by Miz Mooz.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the shoe. It’s just that in order for the shoe to stand out, I would need to pair it with a skirt or dress or ankle-length pants. And yesterday I wore jeans and a shirt. These shoes just… sat there.

IMG_9060 IMG_9061

Shirt: Anthropologie 2012; Jeans: Paige via eBay; Shoes: Miz Mooz

I’ll have to do better next time! Spend more than 30 seconds in my closet might help…


Farewell, dear friend!

A little while ago, I decided to join the fashionistas in the belief that neutrals include metallics. And so my first metallic shoe was purchased in 2007. She was a shiny gold loafer-style slip-on flat that adorned my footsies beautifully. They added the perfect amount of magic to my outfits, taking the blah and spicing it up just a notch.


That’s how I view footwear. A way to jazz up an otherwise ordinary outfit.

These shoes took me to many places, from grocery shopping to a friend’s wedding (I was 8 months pregnant at the time and heels were a big NO!).

But alas, the time has come for these shoes to say farewell. The seams are coming apart and they are no longer comfortable. They have left scratches on my inner ankle bones for the last time (fashion does hurt sometimes).


And so Friday was their last hoorah. I wore them running errands and to a playdate.


Maxi Skirt: Gap Outlet; T-shirt: Le Garage; Necklace: The Bay

So I wore this black weaved beaded necklace with this outfit… and now that I look at the pictures, it may be slightly too matchy-matchy with the t-shirt’s pocket. Thoughts????


I will miss you, my loves. Alas, you know what this means??? I have to find a new metallic basic shoe… right?!


Holding Onto Summer

Montreal always seems to tease us with a week of summery weather during early fall and this past week was the one for 2103! Yesterday, however, was comprised of cloudy skies and a good amount of wind.

Nevertheless, I didn’t feel like dressing for fall and when my husband (yay, he’s back home!) suggested these stunners, I was all too happy to comply.


Are you noticing a pattern? I have a family member choose my shoes which then inspires my outfit… I still consider myself creative. Just that they are my current muses!

These are by Dilba and were purchased at… can you guess??? Akira in Chicago. These particular pair joined my collection when I saw the need for ‘fun’ flats. The ballet-inspired toe and the bright stripes drew me in. I appreciate them more today than way back then.


I wore them with a floral dress ($19, Wal-Mart) and a cobalt blue cardigan ($15, Banana Republic Outlet).

Where did these take me to? Dropping Gabi off at daycare, last minute shopping preparations as co-hostess for my friend Annie’s baby shower, a costume return, the post office, a trip to the bakery, home for some Emma and mommy playtime, lunch, nap (Emma) and writing (me), playing with my daughters and finally supper/bath/bed.

And just in case you were wanting a good look at those shoes again… and more importantly my wonderful daily companion, here are a few shots of Emma modelling the shoes:


Have a great weekend!

Are you still wearing for summer or have you fully embraced fall fashion?

Feline Feet

I scored these awesome Sperry Top-Sider shoes last year on-line. I was so excited to wear them when I got them and in hind-sight, I had good reasons. They have become my new neutral pair.


(Similar/Nordstrom, Similar/eBay, Similar/Von Maur)

I decided to wear them yesterday, a beautiful fall Monday, while my daughter Emma and I ran around the city trying to renew my passport.  I wore them with a pair of Rich and Skinny jeans I found via eBay and a top I picked up at Winners (that’s TJ Maxx for my American readers). I added some ‘edge’ by wearing this chain necklace and similarly-crafted earrings.


I’m sorry for the picture. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to self-photograph when my husband’s away on business. Stay with me, please!

I appreciate the comfort and style of these shoes and how they complimented this outfit. It made a “Monday Mom-day” a bit more fashionable (I quite like that name! Maybe it will become a thing…)

Does your shoe closet have a pair of animal print shoe? Have you joined this trend in other ways?

White after labor day? Why, yes I will.

I may a bit obsessed with the oxford shoe… It seems like the only style I think of when wondering what flat shoe to match with jeans/pants. Really, what else is out there? Might need another shopping trip (jk, Ross!).

And so I am embracing my inner school-girl by choosing footwear that falls into the preppy category. My current fashion style tends to encompass a mix of feminine and masculine, soft and hard, flowy and structured. And so my feet follow suit.

Canadian shoppers

Not only does the oxford meet my style’s masculine needs, these shoes can be worn with socks! A definite necessity for the Montreal fall season. You see, I have always been strong at dressing myslef for the summer and winter seasons, not so much for fall and spring. But Montreal very much has all 4 seasons and so I need to apply myself a bit more in order to give my feet a little extra warmth, before the adornment of my winter boots. I have a plethora of slip-on shoes, that in my opinion, look ridiculous with socks. And so the hunt began to fill that void in my closet.

I adopted a new pair recently, that fit the above criteria. They have laces, can be worn with socks, and will allow me to be comfortable now that the weather has turned chilly.

I always look for shoes that have interest. Weather it be in color, shape or texture. In this case, they have both color (or rather, lack of it) and texture. I love that I will put my best foot forward in these shoes, and make a statement without trying.

Here is how I will styled them yesterday

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