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I have a shopping budget.


Budget (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

It’s small. It’s pitiful if you ask me. Significantly less than when I had an employer paying me for my work. However, any sized budget is 100% necessary because I get immense pleasure from shopping. I get a high from the entire experience. Starting with making a wish list to the sensory input upon entering the store. From selecting pieces that catch my eye to narrowing down the pile. From bringing my new additions home to ending with creating different ways to wear it all. Trouble is, I can easily get carried away. I mean, there are so many categories to buy from: skincare and make-up, hair care and tools, undergarments, clothing, hosiery, shoes, accessories, and outerwear. And I constantly see missing pieces in my collection as well as having the desire to remain current.


I used to go window shopping but I quickly realized that I ended up buying things. I fall in love with the vision of myself using the product. I am also quite able to do some serious on-line shopping. I have a few sites that I can easily drop a few hundred dollars at… at each one.


So I have a budget and I am having a very difficult time adhering to it, mentally and emotionally. I have concocted several arguments that might rationalize increasing this budget. But in the end, I value other areas in my life too. Such as renovating my home. Going on trips with Ross as well as with our kids. And having a large nest egg for retirement.


Being able to prioritize the use of my money is very… mature. I am trying to rise above the immediate gratification of purchasing and am working towards finding true gratitude in the items I already own.


To quote Ross “baby, any budget you have won’t be enough. You’ll always see something else you really, really want.” He is wise, my husband.




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