Though my closet looks full                                                                                                               My husband’s doubtful                                                                                                                     I’ll ever stop buying shoes.

I look for great deals                                                                                                                           To buy some more heels                                                                                                                   Red, Silver, and all types of blues.

They’re like pieces of art                                                                                                                   That have stolen my heart                                                                                                               And I have to take them home.

They take centre stage                                                                                                                       For women of any age                                                                                                                      In Montreal, Paris and Rome


Hi.My name is Stephanie and I love shoes! I consider shoes as pieces of art. And the truth is, I haven’t worn all of the shoes in my closet! So I started this blog to share my admiration for footwear as well as ‘encourage’ myself to wear the ones that sit so pretty on my closet’s shelves.

I live in Montreal with my husband and our two young daughters. I am currently a stay-at-home-mom and have found that a beautiful side effect of this blog has been a drive to dress for myself. In the past year I seemed to have graduated from jeans that didn’t fit right and plain shirts to accessorizing  with jewelry, wearing make-up daily and donning heels just because.

And for the record, I currently own 78 pairs of footwear (don’t judge, unless you’re saying to yourself “that girl is the most down-to-earth, awesome shoe owner in the world!”… in the most supportive tone possible).

Oh, and the inspiration of the blog’s name? Sarah Jessica Parker and Sex In The City became my initals, SJK, and Shoes In The City!


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