That’s A Whole Lotta Purple

I love color! My closet has always reflected this. Over time, I have owned (and rocked) blue, yellow, coral, red, green, purple, black, and checkered jeans. Although I tend to buy neutral outerwear, I have a rainbow in my closet… including my footwear.

So when I came upon these slouchy lilac boots at DSW by Penny Loves Kenny a few moons ago (B.K., meaning Before Kids), I brought them home without hesitation. Why not use footwear as the pop of color when the rest of my outfit is neutral? It’s a win-win.


DSW (old): Steal

So why these boots yesterday? Because Emma grabbed them! Of course she did. It seems that my youngest daughter has taken to the color purple as I did when I was younger. As a teenager, my friends on the ski hill knew it was me from afar. I was the only one decked out in full purple attire, from my hat and goggles down to my ski boots!


Dress: Akira (old); Sweater: Gap (old); Tights: HUE; Boots: Penny Loves Kenny via DSW (old)

I’m trying really hard to dress in new ways, at least new for myself. If I’m going to really adhere to my monthly shopping budget, I need to reinvent the clothes I already have. And as much as I love to layer, I usually like to work progressively from the under layers to the outer layers. However yesterday, I wore the long sleeve under the short sleeved dress. New. For me.

What I like about this hand-me-down dress I inherited from my mom, is the embellishment at the neck. It has enough bling to be worn with just earrings.


Do you wear a t-shirt over a long sleeve? Do you share clothes with your mom?



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  1. I love this outfit. I love the purple boots. I am also trying to make my attire more exciting with color – but just this morning, I tried to add some new color and then went back to wearing black pants and a grey sweater… boring!
    When it is cold, I often where a shirt under a sleeveless dress for work – I love the dresses for work with a blazer or sweater, but can’t seem to leave my arms free under the blazer and opt for a shirt underneath.
    Great outfit!

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