The Underdog

I look at this shoe and I say to myself “why did I buy you again?”


Steve Madden via

Here may be a few contributing factors:

  • I bought them on-line
  • They were quite inexpensive
  • They looked easy to put on and off
  • They were/are trendy
  • I needed more flats

Overall, these shoes don’t excite me. They’re a bit floppy for my liking. They don’t seem to help me express the mood I’m in either. Oh well. That’s why I’m calling them the underdog of my collection. The pair that I only put on when I don’t seem to care what I put on my feet. They’re also the underdog because I seem to wear them more often that the pairs that do excite me and allow me to express different sides of myself.

Go figure!


Blazer: Jennifer Lopez via Kohl’s (old); Tank: Old Navy (old); Jeans: Rich and Skinny via eBay

Steph, why is the area below your knees wearing out? Are you a plumber? Are you a floor-washer aficionada?

Why no, I’m neither of those things. You see, I bought these jeans on eBay and so they were already worn in. But truthfully I started noticing it becoming lighter and lighter the more I wore them. I loved these jeans so much. They were, and still are, my favorite pair. So I wore them often, Maybe daily for a while. I chalk it up to getting down on the floor and playing with my then 1 and 2 year old daughters. I promise you that’s why. Please believe me.

Overall, I feel polished in this outfit. I like the loose jacket with massive pockets – in which I can easily put my phone, keys and other diddies. I like the straight legged jeans to counter-balance the proportions. And the gold chain, which coincidentally was purchased not long ago on-line, helped fill the space near my collarbone nicely.

When I left the house on this blistering windy fall day, I wore my basic black trench and a black and white scarf. All cozy!


Trench: Will Smith via Marshall’s (old); Scarf: H&M (old)

Do you own a shoe that is blah? How often do you wear yours?



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