Monday Mom-day

I know the title is confusing cuz today is Tuesday. Nevertheless, I’m trying to make Mondays less agonizing and less depressing by dressing myself up a bit more.

Yesterday morning, I needed inspiration and so I looked through my trusty Fashion BInder. You have one too, right? Hmmm, probably not.

What’s a Fashion Binder, Steph?

It’s a binder I keep in my closet, that I file any pictures I have pulled out of magazines. I use them to help me know what’s in season, what’s trending and also as a quick way to inspire my outfit.

Did you come up with this genius idea all by yourself?

Alas, no. The binder maybe, but definitely not the magazine inspiration part! That I got from Jeanette (aka ‘J’) over at her blog. Hers was probably the first fashion blog I ever dedicated time each day to read. She was pivotal in helping me discover what my style is and also take pride and time in dressing myself accordingly.

So, what inspired you yesterday?

It was a picture in my binder of Tilda Swinton dressed in white and black:



I can definitely pull something out of my closet that’s black and white! And so I did.

Is there another useful reason you have a Fashion Binder?

Why, yes! Having a collection of pictures can allow me to spot any patterns. If I notice that I have pulled out pictures with similar aspects (stripes, scarves, booties), then I know that that item/trend/color is something worth purchasing. One of the first things I noticed when I began this journey was that I like to layer. At first that’s all I could identify. And so I went forth and made sure I had good quality cardigans and blazers, as well as tanks and shells to wear underneath. Now I understand more why I like that look. I can create more interest with layers. Whether it’s through color or texture, the eye is more interested.

Hopefully this outfit is a case in point.

IMG_9195 IMG_9192 IMG_9190

And the perfect shoe for this black and white outfit was this pair by Nine West. I purchased this kitten heel in July 2012 to be complete my bridesmaid outfit for my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding. Elizabeth has a good eye, and a kind heart to have chosen a shoe that can be worn time and time again. It was a great addition to my collection!




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