Farewell, dear friend!

A little while ago, I decided to join the fashionistas in the belief that neutrals include metallics. And so my first metallic shoe was purchased in 2007. She was a shiny gold loafer-style slip-on flat that adorned my footsies beautifully. They added the perfect amount of magic to my outfits, taking the blah and spicing it up just a notch.


That’s how I view footwear. A way to jazz up an otherwise ordinary outfit.

These shoes took me to many places, from grocery shopping to a friend’s wedding (I was 8 months pregnant at the time and heels were a big NO!).

But alas, the time has come for these shoes to say farewell. The seams are coming apart and they are no longer comfortable. They have left scratches on my inner ankle bones for the last time (fashion does hurt sometimes).


And so Friday was their last hoorah. I wore them running errands and to a playdate.


Maxi Skirt: Gap Outlet; T-shirt: Le Garage; Necklace: The Bay

So I wore this black weaved beaded necklace with this outfit… and now that I look at the pictures, it may be slightly too matchy-matchy with the t-shirt’s pocket. Thoughts????


I will miss you, my loves. Alas, you know what this means??? I have to find a new metallic basic shoe… right?!



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  1. Well, clearly I had to visit your blog after you commented on mine – we are kindred souls, after all. I love your mantra of dressing from the ground up! You totally get it!!

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