Little Blue Shoes

These were my 2007 shoe.


Have you ever done this? You buy a great shoe and then it becomes your go-to, going-out shoe for months? Of course you do. You’re human.

Well, during spring, summer and fall of 2007, these little blue shoes were on my feet most Friday and Saturday nights. You see, this was before I received my membership card to the Boring Club. Which coincidentally arrived in the mail the very same day my first daughter was born. Membership duties included: staying in almost always, application of make-up unnecessary, styled hair not required, and being in bed by 9 pm highly recommended.

Long gone were the nights of walking miles to the bar, dancing all night and taking a cab home… in these little blue shoes.

Aren’t they cute? The kitten heel… the peep toe… the faux patent leather.


They made their long-overdue, re-debut last Sunday when I wore them to my great friend Annie’s baby shower. Annie had one of the most attended showers I have ever heard of, topping off at 59 people.

IMG_8980 IMG_8982

Shoes: BCBG; Dress: Old Navy; Earrings: Loft Outlet

And true to what seems to be the current misfortune of my shoe collection, I discovered that the rubber side tap was missing on the right heel. Gone. I know that it’s an easy fixI just need to bring it to the cobbler. But still, come on! First my pants from last Saturday night, then my sandal straps from last Friday and now the missing rubber wedge thingy that is the sole of the heel from yesterday.

At least I didn’t have to walk for miles…

Send me a pic of your (current or old) go-to going out shoe! Are you like me and chose a kitten heel or were you more daring and chose a higher heel? I’m so curious!


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  1. Hi. Thanks so much for including my blog in yours! I’m honored and will go over to explore your site.

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