Flashy Heels for a Not-So-Flashy Me

I am a social introvert. I am shy but I love meeting new people. I am often insecure but I love to make connections with others. Do you see what I mean? I believed I was a shy person until recently. Whenever I would describe myself this way to old friends or to new acquaintances, they always looked at me confused. “I never thought of you as a shy person,” is what my high school friend Michele told me. Oh. So this is why I now describe myself as a social introvert. I am the person who might not organize the party but would enjoy herself once talked into going. And so on to these shoes…


These shoes are loud. They grab your attention. These are the ‘social’ to my introverted outfit.


Jeans: Paige via eBay; Tank: Corner Shop via Winners; Blazer: Old Navy (very very old); Infinity scarf: H&M

This outfit was borne from Gabi’s desire for me to wear the blazer. I am so glad she asked me to wear it because it has been hanging in my closet for a very long time. I have been a huge fan of blazers for as long as I have been in charge of shopping for my own clothes. However, the last time I wore this one was in the fall of 2005. No joke. Which means this blazer has moved from Montreal to Chicago and back… without having been worn once! Until today.

I like how this outfit mixes the mundane, such as the jeans and blazer, and mixes in some color via the scarf and shoes. I’m not one for matchy-matchy but I like how the pinks compliment each other.

Would you wear heels on a Wednesday? Share your pic of your flashy shoes!



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