Monday Mom-day

So yes, it’s now a thing.

Monday is now devoted to moms all over. Monday mornings for moms can be tough. Stay-at-home and Work-at-home and Work-outside-the-home moms are all confronted with the task to get the family organized and out the door for whatever the day beholds. We’re coming off two days of being more relaxed, less structured and having more fun. But Monday morning comes around and we are back into the swing of the weekday routine.

Today’s inspiration for my choice of footwear was yesterday’s weather. It turned chilly, gusty and well, autumn-ey. So after dressing the girls, eating breakfast and brushing their teeth (must be done by 7:50 am on weekdays), I went into my closet to dress myself and instinctively reached for these faux suede booties.


Emma and I weren’t up to much this Monday. We dropped Gabi off, quick trip to Wal-Mart and then enjoyed the rest of the morning with her/my friends at the co-op playgroup we joined. Home for lunch and nap (Emma), writing (me), then playtime with Gabi and again ending the day with supper/bath/bed.

  IMG_8987 IMG_8985

I wore these jeans by Paige Denim (via eBay), tank from Old Navy (I have it in 3 colors but no longer sold on-line) and a boucle jacket by Sandro (via Winners, aka TJ Maxx). Side note: I have been searching for a boucle jacket for months and finally found this one. I love it!


Sorry for the delay on this Monday post… last weekend took a lot of me and I’m still trying to recuperate. Thanks for understanding!



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