Holding Onto Summer

Montreal always seems to tease us with a week of summery weather during early fall and this past week was the one for 2103! Yesterday, however, was comprised of cloudy skies and a good amount of wind.

Nevertheless, I didn’t feel like dressing for fall and when my husband (yay, he’s back home!) suggested these stunners, I was all too happy to comply.


Are you noticing a pattern? I have a family member choose my shoes which then inspires my outfit… I still consider myself creative. Just that they are my current muses!

These are by Dilba and were purchased at… can you guess??? Akira in Chicago. These particular pair joined my collection when I saw the need for ‘fun’ flats. The ballet-inspired toe and the bright stripes drew me in. I appreciate them more today than way back then.


I wore them with a floral dress ($19, Wal-Mart) and a cobalt blue cardigan ($15, Banana Republic Outlet).

Where did these take me to? Dropping Gabi off at daycare, last minute shopping preparations as co-hostess for my friend Annie’s baby shower, a costume return, the post office, a trip to the bakery, home for some Emma and mommy playtime, lunch, nap (Emma) and writing (me), playing with my daughters and finally supper/bath/bed.

And just in case you were wanting a good look at those shoes again… and more importantly my wonderful daily companion, here are a few shots of Emma modelling the shoes:


Have a great weekend!

Are you still wearing for summer or have you fully embraced fall fashion?


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