Thanks for the memories!

It was another beautiful day yesterday in Montreal and so it seemed silly to put on closed shoes (even though my bare toe nails are shameful!) I donned this pair of sandals by Aldo that I have had forever.


These shoes have been in my closet and on my feet longer than I’ve been with Ross. Acutally, I owned them before I started dating the guy before him! In doing some quick math, I realize I have had them for over a decade (now that’s a lot of memories!). They were on the bench for many years but this summer they were put back into the line-up. I like the combination of hardware and braided rafia (although I am not generally a fan of rafia). Plus, the comfortable height is always appreciated for short girls like me!

Where did they take me? To drop Gabi off at daycare, a run to City Hall with Emma, over to Maxi (a grocery store), over to Target (my first time on home soil!), home for nap (Emma) and writing/house cleaning (me), and finally supper/bath/bed.


To fit the relaxed, boho vibe I was feeling, I chose these flared Rich and Skinny jeans (eBay), a pop-of-green-tank (Old Navy) and a wrinkled white button down (Joe Fresh). I know this outfit is a far cry from Nicole Ritchie but this was my version of boho. I obviously do not have a boho dedicated closet.

So Steph, do you consider yourself an unlucky person?

No. I can be quite clumsy but I don’t think that’s what caused today’s mishap. Some aura must be around me recently because the shoes from above, are no more! As I am carrying Emma and walking into a restaurant for lunch, two straps on my left shoe detach. That’s right. Not one. Two. And not partially. Completely. I had to double knot the rest of the strap around my ankle just to be able to walk! Here’s what’s left of it:


For those of you who read Monday’s post, I swear that this doesn’t always happen to me! Or maybe it has but only by writing this blog am I now seeing a pattern emerge! Must pay more attention

So another one bites the dust. Farewell old friends!

Does this mean I have to go shopping?!?!?


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