The Sneaker Wedge

I like to mix styles. I enjoy the conflict that an outfit using masculine and feminine pieces creates. I love combining flowy and structured in the same outfit. And so of course this interest helps explain why I purchased this Steve Madden shoe.


“Have you seen this shoe trend where they put a hidden heel inside a running shoe?,” my dear friend Hannah said to me this past July. “Sure.” “I just don’t get it. Why would anyone want a hidden wedge inside a sneaker?” “Ummm, me. I actually have a pair and I really love them.” “Oh.” (Followed by an uncomfortable silence… until we laughed at each other. Which is what all good friends do in situations like this!)

I personally love the combination of a wedge and an athletic shoe. It doesn’t bother me. I suppose for me this shoe is for the days when I am wearing something a bit more dressy up top and I want to balance it out by casual footwear.


(Dress: Gap – old; Shoes: Steve Madden)

Today’s outfit self-photographs terribly!!! I have about 15 shots that are either out of focus or are just plain boring. A 100% cotton, maxi black dress without texture and details is just boring. Comfortable but boring. That’s why the unexpected wedge sneaker helps. I under-accessorized purposefully, pulling my hair back into a ponytail and using big tear-drop wooden earrings. I was going for clean and fresh… but it photographed as boring and uninspired. Ugh. Oh well.



You can tell me… do you have a sneaker wedge? I promise not to tell Hannah..I


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