A grown-up’s birthday

This past Saturday night, Ross and I celebrated our friend Simon’s 30th birthday by joining his friends and family at Andrea restaurant in LaSalle. It was a surprise party and though he knew something was up, Simon was really in awe of how many people came to honour his birthday!


Simon with his mother and grand-mother

I chose my shoes first (doesn’t everyone?). I have had these faux suede red heels for over 6 years… How do I remember that? Well, I wore these same shoes to my rehearsal dinner back in September 2007! I bought them at Payless and these particular shoes fall into the comfortable-yet-economic shoe. Thank goodness!


I wore them with a blue patterned Kenar dress pant and a Spense white shirt with lace sleeves (both bought at Winners – that’s TJ Maxx for my American readers).

It was a great night and I felt classy enough to warrant the guitar player’s attention during dinner (boy, he sang loudly!)


Steph, did something embarrassing happen that night? Why yes! Thanks for asking.

Ross and I were given the responsibility of bringing the gigantic, carefully wrapped group gift to the restaurant. It weighed at least 25 pound and was bigger than me (well, not quite but almost!) Imagine this: our two kids are in the kitchen finishing up dinner with my sister-in-law and mom, who so generously offered to babysit. In the basement, I squat down to lift the enormous gift (because that’s what they say to do: to lift with the legs and not the back). Well, exactly like in the movies, as I squat I hear a rip. And not any ordinary rip. One right in the back-side of my crotch. So, what did I do? You probably think that a classy and self-respecting woman like me would have gone upstairs to change my pants before heading to a restaurant full of people I didn’t know. But no. I didn’t. I went as is. Hole in my pant’s crotch and all its possible future humiliation. I chose to avoid the chance of falling into the black hole known as kids-who-don’t-want-their-mom-to-leave, rather than avoid someone seeing a hole in my pant’s seam.


Sorry for the graphic image. It was the best way to show you how inconvenient the hole’s placement was. I tried using a pencil to point at it and a bracelet to surround it but alas the finger is the best shot, although it does look like my pants are going to the bathroom. Again, I’m sorry.

In the end, no one noticed. Or at least no one came up to me to tell me that my underwear was showing. Oh gosh! Maybe they were too embarrassed to tell me!

Back to shoes, do you have a red pair of heels? What is your favourite stand-out colour to wear on your feet?


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