White after labor day? Why, yes I will.

I may a bit obsessed with the oxford shoe… It seems like the only style I think of when wondering what flat shoe to match with jeans/pants. Really, what else is out there? Might need another shopping trip (jk, Ross!).

And so I am embracing my inner school-girl by choosing footwear that falls into the preppy category. My current fashion style tends to encompass a mix of feminine and masculine, soft and hard, flowy and structured. And so my feet follow suit.

Canadian shoppers

Not only does the oxford meet my style’s masculine needs, these shoes can be worn with socks! A definite necessity for the Montreal fall season. You see, I have always been strong at dressing myslef for the summer and winter seasons, not so much for fall and spring. But Montreal very much has all 4 seasons and so I need to apply myself a bit more in order to give my feet a little extra warmth, before the adornment of my winter boots. I have a plethora of slip-on shoes, that in my opinion, look ridiculous with socks. And so the hunt began to fill that void in my closet.

I adopted a new pair recently, that fit the above criteria. They have laces, can be worn with socks, and will allow me to be comfortable now that the weather has turned chilly.

I always look for shoes that have interest. Weather it be in color, shape or texture. In this case, they have both color (or rather, lack of it) and texture. I love that I will put my best foot forward in these shoes, and make a statement without trying.

Here is how I will styled them yesterday


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