Am I still in lust?

I am like all other women. I have two lengths of hemmed jeans: ones to be worn with heels and ones to be worn with flats.


And so getting dressed this past Sunday morning for a good friend’s 2 year old’s birthday party (what a mouth full!), I had to choose a pair of heels to go with my longer hemmed Paige jeans which I had paired with my teal Portofino shirt from Express (I have this shirt in 4 colors!). It was drizzling out and so I selected a faux leather pair I had bought at Payless a few years back.


Trouble with some of the shoes I bought back then is that sometimes I bought from price-point and not so much from a quality and comfort standpoint. And these shoes fall in the former. My poor big right toe became numb after 20 minutes of wear (and I was sitting in the car too).


So I am now faced with one of my most dreaded decisions: will I keep this pair of shoes or not?

I think my wisdom and maturity is leading me to donate these retro-inspired booties. Perhaps there is a woman out there who will love wearing these shoes… without the numb toes.

And in any case, as I was placing them back on its shelf (didn’t I just say I was going to donate them?!?!), I noticed this snag:


Guess I won’t be wearing them for sure after all!


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